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Accessible & Affordable working capital to help grow your Small Business

After customer satisfaction, working capital is one of the most important issues a Small Business faces.

Delayed accounts receivable, unanticipated tax bills or an unplanned cost in product development or new location buildout can crimp cash flow and create uncertainty and angst. What’s more, these unmet cash requirements can prevent businesses from being properly capitalized to take advantage of opportunities to create efficiencies, drive growth and enhance profit margins.

Cardinal atop plantThis is where Cardinal Business Financing can help. We have a proven track record in assisting companies to obtain Small Business Loans, Working Capital Loans, startup financing and even cash advance loans in some situations. While we do offer a wide range of loan amounts, customers we have the most success in assisting are generally seeking between $10,000 up to $500,000.

If you have short-term financial requirements, we can provide access to working capital quickly, efficiently and with no unorthodox or unexpected costs. In addition, we can do this for businesses across a variety of credit profiles:  established, startup, unsecured, no credit history, or damaged credit. If you’ve been hearing, “we’re sorry but we can’t help you” from the more typical sources for financing, you should contact us. Because we can help!

While we lend to and provide great value for companies across the credit rating spectrum, we take particular pride in leveraging our expertise and knowledge to help businesses most in need of alternative approaches to solving challenging finance and credit situations. We are deeply experienced across the full spectrum of finance options for small to mid-sized businesses and we’ve worked with every variety of business type:  retail, services, hospitality, real estate and construction firms as well as web-based businesses and established brick and mortar concerns.

We partner with a select pool of highly-experienced affiliates which allows us to take a consultative approach so we can find the right solution that is tailored to the unique needs of your business.

If your business can benefit from short-term financing, we are confident we can get you approved quickly, efficiently and with favorable terms. If you are in a rush, we understand; we work well under pressure. Click the box below, give us two minutes of your time and we’ll get back with you straight away.   

Four Applications for Working Capital Loans

How can you put this influx of capital to work for your business? Four areas in which a term loan can have a big impact on your sales projections:

Inventory requirements - short term financing can help you produce, purchase or commission enough inventory upfront to meet your sales goals through changes in the selling season. It can also help you secure storage space to house inventory in your sales funnel.

Staff requirements - the right people with the right training being available at the right time can make (or break!) your selling season. Whether it’s front-line staff at cash registers or on showroom floors or behind-the-scenes hires in marketing, operations or design, having funds to make personnel hires is a key to success.

Sales management technology and equipment - increased sales bring increased management requirements. Inventory management systems help you make purchasing predictions, monitor inventory levels and track inventory movement and returns. Also, additional cash registers, POS systems, or mobile credit card readers keep lines short, customers happy and margins high.

Seasonal cash flow issues - a full stock of inventory, extra hands on deck and a better-functioning website: these type of investments really pay off during key selling periods. But they might create cash flow issues that could impact your business. Short-term A/R financing can help alleviate this strain.

No matter your business need, we can help. Contact us today so we can discuss your unique situation and a tailored working capital solution just right for the short-term needs of your business.